BRERC ref: enq1216 Three Brooks LNR (0.5km buffer)
UK Priority Habitat
Mapped by BRERC as part of the South West NBN Pilot Scheme.
UK Priority Habitat Criteria used Interpolation quality Comments Notes Source of primary habitat classification Source of secondary habitat classification Secondary habitat Source of teritary habitat classification information Tertiary habitat Site name
Lowland mixed deciduous woodland Definitely is Good Surveys report that this is an oak-ash woodland with some hornbeam in the west of the wood. Understory includes dogwood, hawthorn, blackthorn, rose, bramble, hazel, red currant, gooseberry, wild privet and elder. Ground flora includes bluebells, wood anemone, enchanter's nightshade and dog's mercury. Boundaries follow OS Landline features South Gloucestershire Phase I & Phase II Surveys, 1996 - 2000 ACCES/Wildlife Site Survey (Avon County Community Environment Scheme) #Oak-ash wood Avon Woodlands Survey #Oak/ash/hornbeam wood Savage's Wood (SNCI)