Pond survey information (see map)
BRERC ref: enq1216 Three Brooks LNR (0.5km buffer)
Pond ID number on map Pond name Grid ref Survey date Pond area (m2) Approx.depth Free floating plants? Floating leaved plants? Submerged plants? Emergent plants? % of surface covered by aquatic veg. May-Sep % of perimeter shaded to at least 1m from shore New Zealand stonecrop? Crassula helmsii Parrots Feather? Myriophyllum aquaticum Japanese Knotweed Fallopia japonica Indian Balsam Impatiens glandulifera Fish present? Waterfowl Substrate of pond Is there free public access to the pond? Is pond visible from a public right of way? Is pond on nature reserve or protected area? Pond type Estimated age of pond How many years in 10 does pond dry up? Does pond have inflow from river or stream? Is pond used by livestock? Is there rubbish or pollution in pond? Is there shallow natural edge to any poart of pond? Water quality Estimated total area of habitat suitable for GCNewts within 500m of pond (hectares) Number of ponds within 1km not separated by barriers to species dispersal Grid ref of nearest pond Invertebrates recorded Visual search recorded: Net search recorded:
206     1999       No No No   0                                                
208 Brad's Pond, Belmont Drive, Stoke Gifford ST621804 04/10/1999 3x2m     Yes Yes Yes   10                     Garden                     Dragonflies/ Damselflies    
371 Holy Trinity Primary School ST614829 23/03/2000       Yes No Yes                                                    
627 Saxon Way, Bradley Stoke, Bristol ST615277 1998                                                             Frogs  
826 Three Brooks ST62718164 22/07/2007 10m x 5m 0-10cm no no no 5% 5% 60% no no no no absent 0 Brown silt, sandy yes no yes natural over 50 years 8 groundwater no some yes poor Good -moderate 1 ST623818   30 mins, rain yesterday, gentle breeze, 60% shoreline searched 30 mins, rain yesterday, gentle breeze, 20% shoreline netted