Reptile mat sightings submission form

Please fill in the location and date for your observation

Please use this page to submit any observations you have made by lifting up any of the reptile mats distributed through the Three Brooks Local Nature Reserve. We will collate these observations and will display a summary of the findings for each year.

Please ensure that you choose the mat number (displayed on the label attached to the mat) and the date of your observation.

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SpeciesNumber foundComments
Slow worm
Grass snake
Newt (unknown species)
- Palmate newt
- Smooth newt
- Great-crested newt
Shrew (unknown species)
- Common shrew
- Pygmy shrew
Mouse (unknown species)
- Wood mouse
- Yellow-necked mouse
Vole (unknown species)
- Field vole
- Bank vole
Unknown small mammal